What is a salon suite?

A salon suite is an upscale mini salon that allows individual beauty and body professionals to own their own salon without all the risks, expense, and overhead related to traditional salons. You have the luxury of working when you want, growing your business, and keeping all profits.

Why would I want a Salon Suite vs. working at traditional salon?
Having a salon suite gives you all the benefits of owning your own business without the risk and expense. Plus if you are a commission-based pay you can almost double your income and work the hours you want, be your own boss, and take time off when you want.

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"Not your ordinary salon"

Why its empowering! 

When you lease a salon suite with Zia Luxury Salons you become your own boss without all the hassles that come with owning a salon location. You no longer have an employer looking over your shoulder and stifling your creativity, you can run the salon your way. 


"The rules are what you make them"


Before we move on, this isn’t salon booth rental. In a salon suite, the stylist is simply renting out a private space in a salon complex, meaning that he or she has 100 percent ownership and takes in 100 percent of revenue.


all overhead expenses are included in the lease.

Carry your own salon styling products for re-sale and keep your mark-up.

Own your own business. Set your own hours and enjoy your life!

Decorate your suite in your own, creative way. Show your clients the real you 

Great amenities





*Dry chairs 

and much more


No ZiA Salon Suite is built the same, each is different from the others— This makes for more personable and unique experience.


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